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The Crown of Passing

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The most remarkable and intricately detailed piece of jewelry created in modern times, Book of Alchemy is extremely proud to present 'The Crown of Passing'.
We began working on The Crown of Passing in 2018 inspired by life and the inevitable passing into the afterlife. It took 5 long years of work to execute each meticulous detail to perfection. The more you gaze at the ring the more details you will discover.

The Crown of Passing weighs in at 64 grams (2.26oz) giving it a significant amount of weight which radiates power and vigor when worn.

Inside the ring we find a figure in the shape of Kharon,

the ferryman of Hades, standing in his court with a lantern and an oar. 

He carries the souls of those who have been given funeral rites across the rivers Acheron and Styx, which separate the worlds of the living and the dead.

The ring is comprised of different types of precious metals: The intricate front part of the ring, filled with symbolisms, is casted in 18kt white gold. The band of the ring is casted in a yellow 18kt. gold. 

Kharon is casted in Blackened Sterling Silver and is accented in a bright 24kt. yellow goldplating.

Due to the very precious and rare nature of this ring, we do not accept direct orders through the website. Please send us a message or send us an e-mail instead ( if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

*Discount codes do not apply to this item.

The Crown of Passing is a tremendously difficult ring to craft, we need about 6 weeks to make your item. 
Shipping is on us, we use DHL express so it will only take 3 days on average.

The Crown of Passing is packaged
in a luxurious wooden case which is entirely handmade.

Return Policy
If you order with us and it's not a proper fit, we will resize once free of charge. You can find more info on our return policies here.

*The weight of 64 grams is based on a size 61.

The Crown of Passing
The Crown of Passing
The Crown of Passing